Letter to Brenda Nanson

Open letter from Gary Hayles to Brenda Nanson
“Piano Tutor”

Thursday 25 July 2019,

Hello Brenda Nanson,

I am just making an enquiry as to whether you were my piano teacher in the 1980's at an address in Erdington in Birmingham. If so, you may recall that your son and I attended Jaffray School in Erdington. We somehow lost contact in the year 2002.

It would be lovely to hear from you again.

Author: Gary Hayles

Letter to Brenda Nanson. Letter 1.

6 comments on this letter to Brenda Nanson
  1. Hello, Gary!

    This is my nan and my uncle to whom you refer! I stumbled across this, and was 99% certain, then rang her just now and she recognised your name immediately and told me all about you - she really wants to get back in touch too!

    How do we go about this without posting any personal information on this public forum?

    Best wishes,

    4 years ago, by Lisl
  2. Hi Lisl,

    OMG, I can't believe it!!! This is great news. I'm really glad that you had stumbled across my posting because for me, it was really a 'shot in the dark.' I don't really use these types of website forums at all but I had seen it advertised on the web and decided to try it and I am pleasantly surprised.

    I am not a ######/social media user myself but to initiate our initial contact and to confirm identities, you could search ###### for my wife's ###### account where I am pictured on her ###### page. This is assuming that you are a ###### user. Please let me know if you are a ## user and I can send you the details. If you are not, I can definitely arrange for an alternative method.

    4 years ago, by Gazi
  3. Hello, I am the administrator of the site.
    I have noticed your discussion when I was checking the comments (sorry I have censored the name of this site I hate!).
    I can send you the email address of each other if you want.
    You also can post it and keep the page open to edit your post later, or I will remove it during my next control. ;-)

    Happy to see you find someone. :-)

    4 years ago, by Admin Publi-contact
  4. I'd be happy to have the e-mails exchanged personally! :) thanks!

    4 years ago, by Lisl
  5. It's sent to both of you.
    Have a nice day

    4 years ago, by Admin Publi-contact
  6. Yes, that’s ok with me, please exchange the email addresses.

    4 years ago, by Gaz1

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