Letter to Craig Gillespie

Open letter from Rachael Hillier to Craig Gillespie
“Cruella movie 2020”

Thursday 3 June 2021,

Hello Craig Gillespie,
I have lot of skills and experience and l have been learning Actor Skills
Good stage, screen or vocal presence.
The ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience.
The ability to memorise lines.
Good understanding of dramatic techniques.
Having the confidence, energy and dedication to perform. and
I like to be good Actor
I am watch a lot of movies. Many people are naturally talented actors, but it's the passion for the craft and the industry that will make you a working actor and help you push through all the hardships of this business. ...
You find performing to be fun. ...
You love studying. ...
It's not all about the money. ...
You are too emotional.
Creative insight.

Author: Rachael Hillier

Letter to Craig Gillespie. Letter 1.

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