Letter to Valerie Hislop

Open letter from Stewart Cleland to Valerie Hislop
“Searching for Valerie”

Monday 21 February 2022,

Hello Valerie Hislop,

We met in August 1971. You lived on Buchan Road in Troon. I was visiting my cousin on North Dr. around the corner. The evening
before I returned to Canada with my parents you gave me a token to remember you with.

Three weeks ago I was going through some old boxes and I found the the token you gave me. I thought of you and wondered.
I wondered how you were doing, how life had turned out for you. I figure you are still alive because there aren't any death notices on
you, that I have found. At least none that would line up with your year of birth and age. I've been looking on and off, it seems almost
futile, but I would dearly love to reconnect with you. This seems worth a try.

We wrote to one another once or twice all those years ago, and then I heard your family had moved to London. In 1984 I was back
in Scotland. Troon, among other places. I may have seen you but didn't make the connection as I didn't think you may have returned
to Scotland. Looking back I could've been wrong on that assumption. Nevertheless, I remember you with great fondness, and hope
this may be a road to reconnection, this is on the assumption that you may wish to reconnect with me. One can only hope.

Author: Stewart Cleland

Letter to Valerie Hislop. Letter 1.

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