Open letter from David Strohacker to Valerie Woodcock
“Mr. David Strohacker”

Monday 12 August 2019,

Hello Valerie Woodcock, My name is Dave Strohacker we met at an Eve of Christmas dance at the Regal in Beckenham in 1961. About four months ago I was reminiscing my cricketing days and remembered a game played at Parkfields? which is situated in the road you lived around that time, Whitebeam Avenue, and the memory of the occasion has made me feel that I would like to get in touch with you again despite the rather lengthy time lapse.
One thing I would like to ask is did you live near Sidcup in the early 90s as I thought I may have seen you at Cleeve Park School at an open day at that time?
Hoping to hear from you.
Regards Dave from Catford/Beckenham borders now Bournemouth.

Author: David Strohacker

Letter to Valerie Woodcock. Letter 1.

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