Letter to Roy Trennery

Open letter from Chrissy Donegan to Roy Trennery
“Are you my relative”

Thursday 1 October 2020,

Hello Roy Trennery,

Hello Roy, are you related to Lilian Trennery née Sanders and William Trennery. If you are, I am related to Lilians sister Ivy. Ivy was my nan Davies. I'm asking because I'm doing the family tree, and liliana niece has asked me if i have any contact with you David or Billie (I knew him as cousin Billie). If you are would any of your family contact me please, as 1. I'd like to meet our family and 2. Age is going against Lilians niece. If you are not many thanks for taking the time to read this. Stay safe.

Author: Chrissy Donegan

Letter to Roy Trennery. Letter 1.

2 comments on this letter to Roy Trennery
  1. I am lilians niece or sister. Hi.

    3 years ago, by Ros C
  2. Yes, I am your relative.

    3 years ago, by Ros C

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